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Pirate Parties in Norway and Spain take on Sweden’s Pirate bay web services

By | Published on Tuesday 26 February 2013

The Pirate Bay

Sweden’s Pirate Party has stopped providing bandwidth to the infamous Pirate Bay, after the previously reported threats by a Swedish organisation calling itself the Rights Alliance which threatened to sue the political party for aiding the Bay, which has been judged liable for copyright infringement in many jurisdictions, and in the Swedish courts via the conviction of three of TPB’s founders and their original funder.

However, the net services Sweden’s Pirate Party has been providing to the Bay, which actually hosts much of its online operations in a secret location, will now be offered by Pirate Party organisations in Norway and Spain. Confirming the shift, which hasn’t had any noticeable effect on the Bay’s operations, a rep for the controversial file-sharing site told TorrentFreak: “It will be interesting to see who is now blamed for hosting TPB. In the end, maybe the anti-interneterians will understand that they can’t win a fight when they have the people against them”.