PJ Harvey announces new album

By | Published on Wednesday 24 November 2010

PJ Harvey, good old Peej, has announced that she will release her eighth studio album in February next year. Here is a list of ten reasons why this is a good thing:

1) All Peej albums are good, and I see no reason why this one would be different.
2) Everyone loves Peej.
3) Albums mean tours and tours mean seeing Peej live (although all currently announced shows for next February are already sold out).
4) The album is called ‘Let England Shake’, which is a good title and worth the price of a CD/download/twelve-inch on its own.
5) The album was recorded in a nineteenth century church, which is always fun.
6) It was co-produced by Flood, John Parish, Mick Harvey and Peej herself, all of who are good people who do good things (especially Peej).
7) Peej might be on the telly.
8) Peej might play Glastonbury.
9) Peej might come to our office for a cup of tea (consider this an invitation, Peej).

‘Let England Shake’ will be released by Universal/Island on 14 Feb.