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Planningtorock to release EP of music created for Chanel fashion show

By | Published on Wednesday 1 July 2020


Planningtorock – aka producer and composer Jam Rostron – has announced a new EP featuring music created for Chanel’s Autumn-Winter 2020 fashion show earlier this year. Titled ‘PlanningtoChanel’, the EP features five tracks created in collaboration with the brand’s sound director Michel Gaubert.

“I always felt that Jam incorporates operatic and cinematic elements into their unique sound”, says Gaubert. “The Chanel show was inspired by French cinema from the 70s and 80s and Planningtorock blessed the show with their sound and gave birth to ‘PlanningtoChanel'”.

“I love working with Michel”, adds Rostron. “He’s a such legend with a brilliant ear for music and a very big heart! Creating the music for the Chanel show was such an exciting challenge. From the inspiring references that Michel gave me, I set out to make music that had a sense of urgent elegance that was then punctuated with dramatic pitched queer voices driving the drama”.

Rostron has announced that a portion of proceeds from all future Planningtorock releases will be donated to anti-racist organisations. Revenues from ‘PlanningtoChanel’ will specifically be donated to the Marsha P Johnson Institute, which advocates on behalf of black trans people in the US.

The first track from the EP, ‘Jam Fam’, is out now. Of it, Rostron says: “With ‘Jam Fam’ I wanted to create an authentic 1980s sound, so no big kick or bass and plenty of high swimming synths. I recorded my voice and sung lots of ‘ohs’ and ‘ahs’ and then pitched them each individually to create a vocal melody. I wanted the track to be super up in feeling and fun and classic sounding”.

‘PlanningtoChanel’ is out on 22 Jul. Listen to ‘Jam Fam’ here: