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Platform-agnostic streaming app officially launches at SXSW

By | Published on Friday 11 March 2016


The latest service that aims to allow users to play music from multiple sources in one place, so that playlists can feature tracks from Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube, meaning holes in any one service’s catalogue don’t matter so much, is going properly live at South By Southwest as we speak.

The UK-based LOST app has teamed up with the British Music Embassy initiative at SXSW, and will feature artists playing at the UK industry’s base and elsewhere at the Austin showcase festival. The app also lets you add gig times and locations, and moving forward will include musical tips from various media, with links back to those publication’s coverage of the recommended tracks. All joined up in one place, see. That being the app’s shtick.

Says British Music Embassy overseer P-C Rae: “We’re pumped to be working with LOST on this year’s British Music Embassy. The whole point of the venue is to give UK acts the best possible showcasing platform and working with a fantastic brand new app like LOST is a perfect fit for us”.

Meanwhile Crispin Futrille from the team behind LOST itself adds: “It’s great to be launching with the British Music Embassy and their curators like the NME, Clash Magazine and BBC Introducing at SXSW. The UK has always pushed boundaries when it comes to music, this is the first step for us in showcasing that talent within LOST”.

The iOS version of the app is here.