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Playlist: CMU Approved In 2016

By | Published on Thursday 5 January 2017

Frank Ocean

Before we get back to business as usual in the CMU Approved column next week, let’s take a moment to reflect on 2016. Oh sure, I get it, you’re keen to get going with 2017, a year when it will no longer be possible for celebrities to die and all political upheaval will cease. There were some good things about the last twelve months though. Not least the quality of the new music it brought.

Every single Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in 2016 (near enough), we brought you some new music to listen to in this column that we thought you should hear. That’s getting on for 200 acts, which is quite a lot. It’s possible you didn’t manage to fully digest them all. Maybe you missed something that you’d truly love, given more time.

Well the good news is that until Donald Trump accidentally confuses the Twitter send icon with the big red button, you have all the time in the world. And we have a Spotify playlist to fill it. Every single act featured here in 2016 (near enough) is included, and the good news is that they’re all still great. It kicks off with our five artists of the year: Frank Ocean, Riz MC, Anna Meredith, Lady Leshurr and Moddi.

Listen to the CMU Approved In 2016 playlist here:

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