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Playlist: Comanechi

By | Published on Thursday 21 February 2013


Formed in 2005 by singer/drummer Akiko Matsuura and guitarist Simon Petrovich, Comanechi followed up a string of single releases with their debut album ‘Crime Of Love’ in 2009. Expanded to a trio, last year they returned with a new single, ‘Major Move’, through Gossip’s Fast Weapons label, and last week released their second album, ‘You Owe Me Nothing But Love’, through Tigertrap Records.

Currently on a Japanese tour with Bo Ningen, we asked the band to put together a playlist for us, which is also what Japanese audiences should expect to be listening to before the band take to the stage. Petrovich explained: “This is the kind of playlist we like to have on before we play. Often no one bothers to put on the right tracks during band changeovers, but for us it is essential to have our own playlist on the venue PA. We want to get the crowd and ourselves into the right zone. Like when wrestlers have their own song for when they enter the ring”.

Subscribe to this playlist on Spotify, and then read on to find out more about Simon’s choices:

01 Jawbreaker – Boxcar
I love the lyrics so much. Just Google search it: “My enemies are all too familiar, they are the ones who used to call me friend… One, two, three, four. Who’s punk? What’s the score?”

02 Teenage Jesus And The Jerks – Orphans
Lydia’s amazing vocals. It’s so orgasmic.

03 Full Blown AIDS – Stupid Bitch
The riff is massive here… pure evil. It’s so emotional it made me realise you’d don’t need lyrics to express yourself.

04 Coke Bust – Source Of Misery
A one minute track to put on when someone you hate is in the room. Get the message, asshole.

05 Noh Mercy – Caucasian Guilt
My flatmate was playing it in the room next door when I first heard this song and I was like, “This sounds amazing!” When I realised that it was just vocals and drums, I was even more amazed. Great drumming, great vocals and loads of attitude.

06 Exodus – Piranha
Listening to this in the van really psyches us and gets us in the mood for a show.

07 Thee Oh Sees – Carion Crawler
We played with John Dwyer’s previous band Coachwhips a few times and those shows really forced us to get our shit together. Thee Oh Sees have a mesmeric presence that is impossible to learn – pure genius.

08 Mayhem – Rape Humanity With Pride
They played Primavera last year. Between song chat was brief: “This song is for your pope. It’s called ‘Time To Die'”.

09 Scratch Acid – Greatest Gift
I had all the Jesus Lizard LPs and that felt like enough David Yow. Wrong. This is brilliant.

10 Integrity – Micha: Those Who Fear Tomorrow
This is hardcore but also has a melody and groove to it. When I’m feeling fucked over I listen to this track extremely loud.