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Playlist: CSS

By | Published on Wednesday 29 May 2013


Following up 2010’s ‘La Liberacio, next month CSS are due to release their fourth album, ‘Planta’, through SQE Music. Recorded in LA, the album was produced by TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek, while first single ‘Hangover’ features a guest appearance from Rancid’s Tim Armstrong.

Speaking about the album, frontwoman Lovefoxxx said: “We had a lot of fun writing and recording ‘Planta’ in LA and met some incredible people in the process. Our first single ‘Hangover’ is like summer in space for me”.

Ahead of the 10 Jun release date, we asked Lovefoxxx to put together a playlist for us. Having covered summer in space on ‘Hangover’, she chose some tracks for summer down on Earth, explaining: “This playlist is a summer and love-inspired mix. It was taken out of my starred Spotify list – I gathered the summery ones together to make a chilled mix. Good for chilling or cooking!”

Click here to listen to Lovefoxxx’s playlist in Spotify, and then read on to find out more about her choices.

01 Prince Rama – Welcome To The Now Age (Channelling Hyperzia)
I saw Prince Rama play last month and this was their opening song. I chose it to be the opening song in my mix because I think it really sets the tone of love and summer. I love this band!

02 Jorge Ben – O Telefone Tocou Novamente
When I miss Brazil too much I listen to Jorge Ben. He is very funny with his lyrics, and sort of a “player” with the women. I can tell by his lyrics. His music just brings me joy.

03 Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers – Egyptian Reggae
I love how much of a storyteller Jonathan Richman is in all his songs. But I chose this one specifically to keep up the summer vibes.

04 Kumbia Queers – Mientes
This group is amazing. From Argentina, the members all used to be in different punk bands. I like their approach to Kumbia. It’s fresh and the subjects are closer to my reality.

05 Dean Martin – That’s Amore
I love food, I love cooking. This song is great for it. And it brings me a kind of contentment and happiness when I’m listening to it while cooking.

06 Cypress Hill – Insane In The Brain
This song makes me think of one summer night last year in LA with Donita Sparks, when she was dancing to it and making a funny dance.

07 Girls Names – Oh Girl
I wish they would have named this song as “oh GURL”. When I’m talking to my English speaking friends I go on and on like “gurlllll”. This song just makes me think of that.

08 Kate Nash – Sister
I love how Kate Nash is singing on her new album… especially in this track. It’s not necessarily a summer song, but it makes me feel all worked up in a good way. U GO GURL!

09 Les Rita Mitsouko – Nuit D’ivresse
I couldn’t find the studio version of this song. In that version she kind of starts laughing at one point. This song makes me think of a dinner party when everyone gets drunk and merry!

10 Rocío Dúrcal & Juan Gabriel – Te Quiero Mucho Mucho
This song is so so so sweet. Just the perfect way to finish this summer/love-inspired mix!