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Playlist: Dntel

By | Published on Thursday 28 June 2012


Jimmy Tamborello released his first solo album as Dntel, ‘Early Works For Me If It Works For You’, in 1999. However, he first began to find real success with the project with the release of third album ‘Life Is Full Of Possibilities’ via Plug Research in 2001. Forming The Postal Service with Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard the same year, the follow-up didn’t come until Tamborello moved Dntel over to TPS’s label Sub Pop for 2007’s ‘Dumb Luck’.

Dntel’s latest album, ‘Aimlessness’, was released earlier this month via Pampa Records, a mix of dreamy pop and electronica which features collaborations with Nite Jewel and Baths, the latter on the single ‘Still’.

With the album out, we asked Jimmy to put together a playlist for us, which he has entitled ‘Innerspace Innertubing’, a name he explains thus: “It’s summertime so I figured I should make a floating down the river mix. Peaceful and pretty, but with a little bit of melancholy. To be honest, I have no idea what most of these songs are about lyrically because I have trouble paying attention to the words, but the mood seems right. And it’s mostly recent stuff (or newly reissued). An innertubing adventure listening to ‘…And Justice For All’ sounds just as appealing, really. I just want to go innertubing. Where do you do that?”

Click here to listen to Dntel’s playlist in Spotify, and then read on to find out more about his choices.

01 Beachwood Sparks – Nature’s Light
This is my favourite song from Beachwood Sparks’ new album. It’s nice to have them back and sounding so good.

02 Connan Mockasin – Forever Dolphin Love (Mickey Moonlight Remix)
There’s an effortless feel to his music that I like. The original version of this song is good, too, but I like that this mix simplifies things a little. It sounds like floating in a swamp at night.

03 Sun Araw, M Geddes Gengras & The Congos – Food, Clothing And Shelter
Haziness and stuff bouncing around in the water.

04 Peaking Lights – Cosmic Tides
More haziness, dulled sounds and soothing vocals.

05 Daughn Gibson – Ray
This guy’s voice is a little intense for this voyage but I like the glowing mood of the song.

06 Trypes – From The Morning Glories
This might be the part where you hit some mild rapids. Daughn Gibson’s voice prepared you a little.

07 Paco Sala – Spiral
Those rapids stressed you out but now things are calm and you can appreciate your surroundings. I like that this song has a Cocteau Twins feel with by copying the Cocteau Twins.

08 Sumsun – Float/Dream
This whole EP is good river floating music.

09 Luke Abbott – Modern Driveway
If you have a DJ mixer on your innertube I think this would mix well out of the Sumsun track but bring the intensity up a little. This would be the climax of your ride.

10 Actress – IWAAD
Now you’re pulling your tube up onto the shore and the sun’s going down.