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Playlist: Frankie Rose

By | Published on Wednesday 25 September 2013

Frankie Rose

Quizzed by CMU on the eve of her lauded 2012 solo debut ‘Interstellar’, Frankie Rose is at it again, this time presenting her strings-enriched new LP ‘Herein Wild’. Frankie releases that via Fat Possum on 7 Oct, afterwards playing several headline dates starting at Sheffield’s The Harley on 2 Dec.

Ahead of all the live/release activity, she gave over a bit of spare time and imagination to making a CMU Playlist, about which she said: “I suppose I referenced each one of these songs at some point in the making of my new album ‘Herein Wild’. I borrowed little production ideas: the way a vocal was treated, or a guitar tone, sometimes a drum sample. I was tempted to include The Damned’s ‘Street Of Dreams’ because I covered this on the record, and that one ended up being one of my favourite recordings on the album. It might surprise people that stuff like Philip Glass has inspired me, but these are the songs that I’ve been listening to most and which have helped shape my sound”.

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01 Cocteau Twins – Cherry Coloured Funk
One of the things that amazes me about Elizabeth Fraiser is how she can have three different vocal melodies happening at the same time and yet the song never becomes confused or muddled.

02 Tones On Tail – Twist
I like how driving and simple this song is. It keeps moving forward in just the right way with the guitars and synths swirling in at just the right moments.

03 The Gun Club – The Breaking Hands
This is the strangest Gun Club song. There is so much chorus on the guitar, it’s a real departure from their usual guitar sound and style.

04 Carly Simon – Why
This song sounds super modern to me. In fact it sounds as if this could have been released this year.

05 The Cleaners From Venus – Living On Nerve Ends
This guy does everything himself, and it sounds great. Such simple melodies but all the sounds are just perfect.

06 House Of Love – Christine
House Of Love are such a great band. I really like how they play their synths against their guitars and the vocal harmonies are great.

07 The Cure – A Strange Day
The drum sounds on this record are amazing. So dark and spooky

08 The Smiths – Barbarism Begins At Home
I love the whip sounds on this song. Every song should probably have a whip crack in it somewhere.

090 Colourbox – Phillip Glass
This is their homage to Phillip Glass. It’s a synth jam. I love the repetition. When I play it for people they usually ask if it actually is Phillip Glass.

10 Stereolab – Cybeles Reverie
The vocals in Stereolab songs are perfect. I love their multiple vocals and the voice being used as percussion.