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Playlist: Grumbling Fur

By | Published on Thursday 25 July 2013

Grumbling Fur

Grumbling Fur, aka Daniel O’Sullivan (Ulver, Æthenor, Mothlite) and Alexander Tucker, release their second album, ‘Glynnaestra’, through Thrill Jockey this week. A layered, experimental record held within pop boundaries – as displayed on lead track ‘Dancing Light’ – it’s a compelling listen.

To mark the album release, we asked Grumbling Fur to put together a playlist for us. They were adamant that their list must feature seventeen tracks, rather than the usual ten. Like, really adamant. And so it does.

This statement provided on their behalf possible goes some way to explaining their decisions here: “Here’s a collection of delightful musics courtesy of messers Tucker and O’Sullivan. Consulting with experts within the high profile world of executive decision making. These decisions were made slightly before you were reading it now. Found inside a time capsule. Hear for eternal relishment. Their impeccable taste is only exceeded by their discreet musicality and flamboyant flair in the fashion accessory department. Employing a top team of farmers, travelling tinkers and milkmen they generated a new system for calculating the potency of their extremely good taste. Brought to you by enhanced humanoid zionist organic computing fellow homosapiens”.

Subscribe to this playlist on Spotify, and then read on to find out more about Grumbling Fur’s choices.

01 Paul & Linda McCartney – Dear Boy
‘Ram’ is both beloved. ‘Ram’ is king.

02 Aphex Twin – Acrid Avid Jam Shred
Speed Mary Jane and a bus ride home.

03 I Roy – Catty Rock
Lion I and I Roy, Jah blaze.

04 Faust – Jennifer

05 Alastair Galbraith – Mansfield Story
Dark pop generator.

06 Nico – Frozen Warnings
Manchester vibe circa 1882.

07 Sinoia Caves – Naro Way
Jeremy [Schmidt] is an amazing artist. Diamond in the black mountain.

08 Yo La Tengo – Autumn Sweater
Gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh. Chicago blues.

09 Arthur Russell – Instrumentals Volume 2
Alpine thymes. We listened to this a lot on an Æthenor Tucker tour.

10 Lou Harrison – Avalokiteshvara
Tower Gardens rain.

11 Gate – Wilderness
Michael Morley the dreamy techno lord.

12 Gabriel Yared – C’est le vent, Betty

13 King Curtis – A Whiter Shade Of Pale
Marwood’s dawn approaches.

14 ‘Tautu’ Archer – Ama Ama
Dervishing primitive punk moves. Amazing mix on Tompkins Square.

15 The Garbage & The Flowers – Love Comes Slowly Now
NZ knock knocking at your door.

16 Augustus Pablo – Harder Shade Of Black
Dense bliss magnet streams of burning jah.

17 Duke Ellington – Portrait Of Mahalia Jackon
Baba gamma ray shiva Mahalia.