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Playlist: Sam Lee

By | Published on Wednesday 18 September 2013

Sam Lee

Folk musician Sam Lee came to wider prominence last year when his debut album, ‘Ground Of Its Own’, was nominated for the Mercury Prize. In preparing that record Lee travelled around Britain learning traditional songs as he went, including spending time with various gypsy and traveller communities. And now, on 4 Oct, he will bring these songs back to the live stage with a performance at Union Chapel in London, support coming from This Is The Kit.

Before that, we asked Sam to put together a playlist for us. Of his chosen songs, he said: “Here are some of the amazing musicians who have inspired me one way or another over the last few years. A total mix of music from around the world and genres and lots of stunning players and re-inventers of what each genre should be like. There are some total geniuses here who have created some masterpieces. Hope you like them”.

Listen to this playlist on Spotify, and then read on to find out more about Sam’s choices.

01 Sam Amidon – As I Roved Out
The prince of contemporary traditional songs and a total genius musician and interpreter – the folk world needs more artists like Sam.

02 This Is The Kit – Earthquake
The coolest song from the coolest band and I am thrilled to have them support the show at the Union Chapel. Kate Stables is a total English babe and subtle master of the downbeat groove.

03 Lisa Knapp – Shipping Song
A song from Lisa’s new record, which is exquisite. This one shows off her subtle charm and inventiveness.

04 Mohammad Reza Mortazavi – Geradeaus No 1 (Part 1)
I’ve been going crazy for this guy’s percussion playing and his trance like wild solo sets… a sheer visionary.

05 Super Best Friends Club – People We Forget This Is Love
Jonah in my band has this very amazing band who are simply my favourite live act for their wildness and wonderful stage show… the album is mega.

06 PaCoRa Trio – Ftošek
Slovakian masters with Double Bass, Fiddle and Cymbalom, this trio are brilliant improvising traditional craftsmen and take you on extraordinary journeys with their unique combination of instruments.

07 Ayarkhaan – Sparkling Rhythms
Mongolian babes on Jew’s harps – The Xena Warrior Princesses of Komus playing and the trancy-est and most disco sound you will ever hear.

08 Can – Vitamin C
I love this band! And this track is one of their best.

09 Ibrahim Maalouf – Never Serious
Four valve trumpeter, French-Algerian and simply the coolest redefiner of what jazz should sound like. His album ‘Diagnostic’ was by far my favourite record of 2012.

10 Jaron Freeman-Fox & The Opposite Of Everything – Auctioneering Everything
Canada’s Fiddling ‘Enfant Terrible’ and sound master – I will be playing some shows with him in our band in Sweden soon and can’t wait to have him and his wild ways with us.