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Playlist: Stay+

By | Published on Thursday 14 June 2012


Stay+, aka producer Matt Farthing and visual artist Christopher Poole (or DEERHEAD as he is professionally known), first began making waves under the name Christian AIDS in 2011, before a similarly named charity organisation went all legal on them. Switching to the title of their first single, they forged ahead regardless.

Following a series of excellent singles, they released their debut EP, ‘Arem’, via RAMP Recordings in April. Featuring five tracks, including collaborations with Sunn o)))’s Daniel O’Sullivan and Moshi Moshi-signed producer Psychologist, the release also opened with an eighteen minute short film, ‘The Buzzer’.

Ahead of a performance at the Lovebox festival this weekend and supporting Machinedrum at The Nest in London on 22 Jun, we asked Matt Farthing to put together a playlist for us.

Click here to listen to Matt’s playlist in Spotify, and then read on to find out more about his choices.

01 Zomby – Rumours & Revelations
I heard that Zomby is a bit of a dick but unfortunately his music is wicked. There’s so much variation in his back catalogue that it’s pretty difficult to just pick one track but this is my currently on pretty heavy rotation around me.

02 Untold – Flexible
This song is insane, and Untold is a super nice man. There’s a sound/sample in the middle of this tune that makes me think that my computer is sending an email which adds an extra dimension. I really like his Dreadnaught stuff too.

03 Gerry Read – 90s Prostitution Racket
Last time I met Gerry Read he was dressed in his signature, fetching grey tracksuit and wearing a homemade Jeremy Kyle mask playing Dario G to a room full of East London hipsters. I really wanted to put his tune ‘Chicken N Chipz’ on this playlist but unfortunately it’s not on Spotify yet, which is a massive shame because it’s absolutely amazing.

04 Psychologist – Out, Damned Spot!
I first heard Psychologist at last year’s Midi Festival in the south of France. I was backstage, halfway through an interview with NME, when I heard this track echoing around the courtyard. I got up and left mid sentence – I had to see who was responsible for such an awesome noise. Come to think of it, that’s probably part of the reason why NME hate me so much…

05 Blue Daisy – Fallin
Another absolutely top bloke, with an incredibly varied back catalogue. He works with Psychologist quite a bit, and stuck up for me when the guy from Holy Shit started shouting at me for being called Christian AIDS, which seemed a little hypocritical if you ask me.

06 Holy Other – Yr Love
This is the ultimate ‘walking around’ music for me. I really want to say his work was an influence at the start of the project, in the Christian AIDS days, but I came to it more recently than that. It’s all very emotive – but this track, especially, makes you feel like you’re in slow motion.

07 Sun Glitters – Find Your Way (See) (Little Black Ant Remix)
As awesome as this track is, it was kinda second choice because, irritatingly, this is the only Little Black Ant track on Spotify. Go check out ‘I’m Happy To Be Sad’ on SoundCloud!

08 D/R/U/G/S – Love/Lust
Now this really was a big Christian AIDS influence. I saw Callum at In The City in Manchester playing on the bill with Mount Kimbie – great gig, really enthralling and with a really refreshing attitude to playing live.

09 Egyptrixx – Chrysalis Records
Another proper sweet guy – he had the misfortune of playing after me in a warehouse in Rome when I had just blown the speakers. I bought him some beers to apologise. He makes some of the darkest music you will ever hear – I love the saturated production. Really unique.

10 Crystal Castles – Not In Love
When I first heard this track, way back when, I became unable to write music for about two weeks. Every time I sat down in front of the midi keyboard this tune would come out. My brain is like a music sponge at the best of times but this song really penetrates – it’s a masterclass in popular crossover dance music.