CMU Playlists The Great Escape 2013

Playlist: The Great Escape 2013

By | Published on Wednesday 15 May 2013

The Great Escape

The 2013 edition of The Great Escape is about to kick off. The CMU Insights team have been hard at work for months now putting together the convention, pulling in an array of speakers from across the music industry who we hope will enlighten, educate and inspire as they discuss and debate our chosen topics for this year.

Of course, it’s the convention that has been occupying our minds of late, but we couldn’t help having a peak at what the festival team were up to. As ever, they’ve filled the programme of live music with over 300 exciting new bands.

CMU’s Andy Malt and Aly Barchi have taken a look through the festival programme and picked out ten acts they’re particularly excited about seeing. If you haven’t yet, add these to your diary. And check out some of their music right away with our playlist.

Listen to this playlist in Spotify, and then read on to find out more about Andy and Aly’s choices.

01 Chris Cohen – Open Theme (Friday, Coalition, 9.15pm)
Aly: Having played on-and-off with Deerhoof, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti and Cass McCombs, Chris Cohen made his solo intro with first LP ‘Overgrown Path’. ‘Open Theme’ is an especially beautiful exemplar of his frail, willow-the-wisp line in psychedelic pop, and co-stars his dad on piano.

02 Susanne Sundfør – White Foxes (Friday, Green Door Store, 9pm)
Andy: Responsible for my favourite album of 2012, Susanne Sundfør makes rich, layered electronic music with classical influences. Her powerful, atmospheric live show is perfectly suited to the cave-like surroundings of the Green Door Store.

03 Iggy Azalea – Hello (feat Joe Moses) (Friday, The Warren, 11.30pm)
Aly: Say hi to Iggy Azalea, LA-via-Sydney material girl MC and a real ‘love or hate’ case, aka if you’re into brash and trashy trailer-park trap, you’ll love her; and if you don’t… well, you won’t. Either way, and as per its lyrics, Iggy’s “ignorant Art’ mixer ‘Hello’ will make you move… potentially as far away as possible.

04 MØ – Pilgrim (Friday, Queens Hotel, 9.15pm/Saturday, Digital, 8.45pm)
Andy: Karen Marie Ørsted, aka MØ, has been getting ‘hotly-tipped’ written near her name quite a lot this year. Look, it just happened again. It’s all down to her infectious pop stylings, you see. Yes. Well, you will when you head down to one of her two TGE shows.

05 King Krule – Lead Existence (Thursday, Coalition, 10pm)
Aly: One-time BRITS Schoolboy Archie Marshall half-rapped his way into critics’ hearts via his bleary blues n jazz-toned 2011 EP, the imaginatively-titled ‘King Krule’. As a fast-track caption to that, this is the 1.11-long ‘Lead Existence’.

06 Three Trapped Tigers – Cramm (Saturday, Concorde 2, 10pm)
Andy: Balancing that difficult line between being incredibly technical and still fun, instrumental outfit Three Trapped Tigers are the jewel in the incredibly strong crown (ie roster) of the Blood & Biscuits label. They’ll be topping a trilogy of performances from the label’s bands, kicked off by The Physics House Band and Tall Ships.

07 Eagulls – Cripple (Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis) (Saturday, Coalition, 8.45pm)
Aly: It’d be nice if Leeds-based Eagulls released EPs more often, because every time they do, they never fail to be great. Acid, rabid and spiked on the band’s main talking points (hate, rage and dissatisfaction) but great.

08 Jenny Hval – Portrait Of The Young Girl As An Artist (Thursday, Komedia Downstairs, 1pm/Komedia Studio Bar, 8.45pm)
Andy: Jenny Hval’s sexually charged, guitar-driven storytelling is fairly intense on record and doesn’t let up in her live performances. Her latest album, ‘Innocence Is Kinky’, was released last month, but this track is the standout from her 2011 debut, ‘Viscera’.

09 Mac Demarco – Robson Girl (Thursday, Corn Exchange, 8.15pm/Green Door Store, 11pm)
Aly: Canadian guitar bizarro Mac Demarco’s sophomore LP ‘2’ is a shabby, lackadaisical heap of alt-pop bric-a-brac, at times beguiling and at times weird. ‘Robson Girl’ is both at once.

10 Feathers – Land Of The Innocent (Thursday, The Haunt, 9.15pm)
Andy: Once the solo project of one Anastasia Dimou, Feathers is now a four-piece synth-pop group with their debut album, ‘If All Now Here’, out at the end of this month. Playing the first night of the festival, their songs will still be stuck in your head come Sunday morning. Promise.

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