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Playlist: The Great Escape 2015

By | Published on Thursday 14 May 2015

The Great Escape

The tenth anniversary edition of The Great Escape kicks off in Brighton today, as I’m sure you’re all aware. We may have mentioned it once or twice. Of course, you will all be very excited about the CMU Insights conference strands, the full line-up for which you can check out here. But did you know there are bands playing too? I know, so cool.

Actually, there are over 450 musical acts on offer over the next three days. How do you even begin to navigate that? With the help of your old Uncle CMU, that’s how. That sounded a lot more creepy than I intended. Basically, what I’m saying is, we’ve looked through the programme already and picked out some acts that you should definitely go and see.

Even better, we’ve put them in a playlist, so you can hear how great they are in advance. Here are our ten selections:

1. Aurora – Runaway
Still pretty new on the scene, Aurora has churned out a series of impressive singles over the last year or so. Her slightly folk-influenced (not too much, mind) pop sound looks set to be a big draw at this year’s TGE.
15 May: Spiegelpub, 3.30pm
15 May: Coalition, 8.15pm

2. Tei Shi – Bassically
Tei Shi returned with her new EP, ‘Verde’, last month, which saw her ramp up the poppiness of her sound. ‘Bassically’ is ‘bassically’ just brilliant.
14 May: Komedia, 8.30pm

3. Susanne Sundfør – Fade Away
A CMU Artist Of The Year back in 2012, Susanne Sundfør returned with her new album, ‘Ten Love Songs’, earlier this year. And I’m still pretty confident that it’s the best album you’ll hear this year. And she’s even better live. Have I sold her enough yet?
14 May: St George’s Church, 10pm

4. Passepied – Matatabistep
Mashing up 80s new wave and J-pop, Passepied are a really exciting and different live band absolutely worth checking out. ‘Matatabistep’ is possibly their catchiest song, with a synth riff that’s going to be stuck in your head for days.
16 May: Queens Hotel, 2pm
16 May: Komedia Studio, 8pm

5. Clarence Clarity – Those Who Can’t, Cheat
Clarence Clarity’s debut album, ‘No Now’, is arguably a bit on the long side, at 20 tracks. However, it does feed into the sensory overload that his music and accompanying videos provide. Let’s see if his live show matches that too.
14 May: Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, 11.45pm

6. Blanck Mass – Dead Format
Last time Blanck Mass, aka Fuck Button’s Benjamin Power, appeared at The Great Escape, it was playing tracks from his ambient debut album. This time, he’s back with his much harder-edged second effort, ‘Dumb Flesh’.
15 May: St George’s Church, 10pm

7. Shamir – On The Regular
I mean, if Shamir isn’t already on your list, you can’t have realised he was going to be performing at The Great Escape. You can thank me for bringing this to your attention later.
14 May: Coalition, 9pm
16 May: The Haunt, 8.45pm

8. Noah Kin – Do That
Finland isn’t the obvious place you’d go looking for great rap music, but I guess that’s what spurs Noah Kin on to keep making it. His latest single ‘Do That’ is a fine example of his talents.
14 May: Shooshh, 7.15pm
15 May: Queens Hotel, 9.15pm

9. Mew – Water Slides
It’s Mew. Bloody Mew! At the Great Escape.
16 May: The Old Market, 10.15pm

10. Yosi Horikawa – Letter
Producer Yosi Horikawa mixes electronic sounds and recordings of everyday noises to create truly amazing music. His sound design skills are stunning. Seriously, put on some headphones and listen to what he does with a recording of a pencil writing on paper in this track.
15 May: Unitarian Church, 6.45pm
16 May: Queens Hotel, 3pm

Listen to all ten tracks on Spotify here, or via YouTube here:

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