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PledgeMusic publishes links for accessing data and downloads

By | Published on Monday 20 May 2019


PledgeMusic has issued a short statement urging artists who have used the platform to download their data and pledgers to make a back-up of their past releases archive.

The fan-funding and pre-order platform’s founder Benji Rogers confirmed earlier this month that the Pledge company – which he himself stopped working for in 2017 – was now heading into administration. Long-running financial problems at the Pledge business had resulted in many artists who ran campaigns on the site not getting paid the money they had raised on time, or in some cases at all. The site then ceased operations in February.

It was hoped that a buyer could be found for the company which would result in a cash-injection that could be used to pay all out-standing artist debts. But Rogers said that a possible buyer had now decided not to go ahead with any acquisition.

Communications from Pledge itself have been somewhat lacking in recent months. In a short statement on its website, the company’s board now say: “As many of you know, PledgeMusic suspended operations a number of months ago. The company continues to work with outside counsel on the most appropriate next steps, and we will update you with those specifics as we get more information”.

Links are then provided where artists can download all their fan data from the platform, while consumers who have bought digital music from the site in the past are offered a link where they can access past purchases. Both of which are useful. Though for the artists owed money – and the fans owed products from the artists owed money – some data and some downloads won’t be all that much of a consolation.