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Pond and The Horrors collaborate

By | Published on Wednesday 29 August 2012


Pond’s Nick Allbrook and Cam Avery have coerced music types from The Horrors, Spectrum, The History Of Apple Pie and Novella to play on the new LP by their plausibly-named side project, Allbrook/Avery.

Not that any of the above had much choice in the matter. Speaking via NME’s Radar column, Allbrook remembers collaring The Horrors for the collaboration. He says: “We just arrived in London and said, ‘You are recording our album, thanks’, and they did it!”

He adds: “We assembled a crack team of prodigious sonic terrorists to lend their cacophony to our crappy album, and they fell for it! For no reason, no pay and with no warning. [They all] spent a week in a dark basement playing our songs and pretending they liked us. Well, I don’t care. I had a heap of fun and I love them all so they can all ram it”.

Nice, that’s gratitude for you. The LP in question, which will represent the sequel to last year’s debut ‘Big Art’, hasn’t yet been given a release date, but you’re sure to hear about it as soon as it has.