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Popstars get a-tweeting ahead of big Tidal relaunch

By | Published on Monday 30 March 2015


So, Jay-Z is trying to turn the social networks turquoise ahead of tonight’s big Tidal relaunch in the US, following the hip hopper’s acquisition of the Nordic streaming firm earlier this month.

A plethora of big popstar names – most seemingly managed by Roc Nation or other management firms within the Live Nation group (or personal mates with Mr Z) – have been bigging up the double-priced high audio quality streaming set-up on the Twitters this morning.

In addition to the FLAC quality audio that has been core to Tidal since it was spun off from existing streaming service WiMP last year (WiMP offering both standard and high quality audio), it is thought Jay-Z’s Tidal will also seek to offer a stack of content exclusives to persuade fans to not only pay for their streams, but to pay double the standard rate for premium streaming in the US and Europe.

So that’s all fun isn’t it?