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Single Review: Portishead – Magic Doors (Universal/Island)

By | Published on Monday 5 January 2009


Ten years. Ten whole years. Did we miss ’em? I’m sure I would have if I was old enough to remember them first time round. But now they’re back, and unlike some extremely tasteless comebacks – coughgunsnrosescough – they have an uncompromising yet charming album under their belts: ‘Third’. Yet all of this happened and was said in April. As we reach those cold winter months, could Portishead be attempting to squeeze a little more glory out of their comeback all these months on? Probably, but this is understandable, especially since ‘Magic Doors’ is such an incredible song – fractured drumming overlays disturbing drones as they culminate into a piano riff that sounds as if it was raised from the gates of hell. Yet underneath it all some beauty bleeds in, the characteristic Portishead touch. Whether or not they’re clinging to the success of ‘Third’ with this release is irrelevant – let the music prove that to you. GB

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