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Portishead planning new album (or at least one of them is)

By | Published on Thursday 22 September 2011


Portishead are planning to begin work on their fourth album in January. Or, at least, Geoff Barrow is. But he makes up over 33% of Portishead, so it’s a good start.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Barrow said: “I’m going to start in January, I don’t know when Beth’s gonna start or when Adrian is gonna start, but I’m gonna get my head together for January basically to start writing”.

Asked when we might get to hear the new record, he continued: “Historically it could be fucking ten years. We’re only ever going to release something that we feel comfortable with or else it’s not worth releasing, basically. We’ll release it when it feels like we’ve got something to say. I think most probably any one of us would prefer to go and take up some van driving job than release an album that we didn’t feel comfortable about”.