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Portishead’s Adrian Utley discusses fourth LP

By | Published on Friday 28 February 2014


In line with the appearances they’re making at all the festivals later this year, Portishead have confirmed that their increased activity as a band also signals, at last, the coming of their fourth LP, and first since 2008’s ‘Third’.

The group have said all this before, though, all the way back in 2010. So don’t hold your breath for too long. Because you might die, and I’m sure Adrian Utley doesn’t want your blood on his hands. He is busy making an album, after all.

It’s exactly as he told the Quietus during a Q&A at this year’s by:Larm Festival in Oslo yesterday. When he was asked about the frankly huge gaps in time from one Portishead LP to the next, he said: “We’re clearing our schedules so we can get on with it, otherwise it will be another ten years”.

He also said that the shows Portishead are playing in 2014 will likely shape and affect the new LP, and that he doesn’t mind the band being unsigned currently, but rather sees it as a good thing. Have a chew on the discussion via the Quietus.