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Prince’s family sue over hospital treatment in days before star’s death

By | Published on Tuesday 24 April 2018


Prince’s family are suing a hospital and an individual doctor who works there over their treatment of the musician a few days before his death in 2016. The legal action follows the news last week that no criminal proceedings will be pursued in relation to the late pop star’s death.

The musician died from an accidental overdose of the drug fentanyl. Investigators said last week that that was caused by “a counterfeit Vicodin pill” that contained the “dangerously powerful opioid”. However, no one knows who provided him with those counterfeit pills.

Just days before his death Prince collapsed, and it’s believed that incident was also caused by him taking a counterfeit Vicodin pill. However, investigators said they couldn’t be certain because on that occasion the musician refused further treatment after being revived.

However, Prince’s family reckon that the Trinity Medical Center and Dr Nicole Mancha should have done more following that incident.

According to Reuters, in legal papers filed on Friday, the family say that both hospital and doctor failed to properly investigate what had caused Prince to collapse. They also failed to ensure that the pop star had received appropriate counselling. That inaction, say the family, was a “direct and proximate cause” of Prince’s death a few days later.

Drug store chain Walgreens is also being sued over allegations it was dispensing prescription meds to Prince for an “invalid medical purpose”.

All defendants have so far declined to comment.