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PRS announces bands to benefit from speedy touring fund

By | Published on Friday 22 April 2016

PRS For Music Foundation

Hey fans of speedy funding schemes, do you want to know which speedy artists got some speedy goodies from the PRS For Music Foundation’s most recent speedy Flash Funding initiative?

As previously reported, the Foundation’s Flash Funding project is a scheme that offers support for new artists with a one-week turnaround from application to decision. Each edition of the initiative has different partners and a specific theme, and this time it was Wigwam Acoustics and the Musicians’ Union getting involved, offering four acts bespoke on-stage monitoring systems worth up to £10,000, plus advice and training on touring, promotional support and an additional £375 for touring costs.

And the successful speedy applications were…

April Towers – to support European and UK dates in May, June and July.
False Advertising – to support upcoming UK dates in April and May.
Flight Brigade – to support tours and festivals across the UK.
John Joseph Brill – Liverpool – to help with upcoming UK dates.

Says the Foundation’s Joseph Frankland: “Congratulations to the four successful artists receiving this latest version of Flash Funding. We received close to 100 applications in 72 hours, which is an incredible response and highlights the need for this type of support for emerging artists in the live sector. I look forward to seeing how this support will transform the live shows of April Towers, False Advertising, Flight Brigade and John Joseph Brill, and make a real impact on their careers”.