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PRS launches new data and analytics portal for songwriters and publishers

By | Published on Wednesday 6 November 2019

PRS For Music

UK song rights collecting society PRS For Music yesterday launched a new data and analytics dashboard that it says will help songwriters and music publishers better understand how their songs are performing across the world, so to “build a comprehensive picture of when and how royalties are being generated”.

The new portal provides stats for all the song right revenue streams that involve the collecting society, and will allow comparisons between songs, territories and time periods. PRS itself reckons that the new service will be “invaluable” for songwriters and their teams, providing data that can “support career choices, touring decisions and open new markets to songwriter, composer and publisher members”.

Announcing all this, the society’s Director Of Membership, Claire Jarvis, said: “We’re delighted that the new analytics service enables our members to interrogate the global usage of their music in an innovative way. We worked closely with them when building the new application and believe that our continued improvement to our digital offering will ensure that PRS remains one of the leading performing rights organisations in the world”.