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Psy talks vice

By | Published on Tuesday 30 July 2013


‘Gangnam Style’ star Psy has admitted to liking a drink. In fact, to drinking – he claims – practically all the time, rain or shine. In a frank interview with the Sunday Times last week, the K-Pop hitmaker said he looks on vodka as his “best friend” and “vice partner”, adding: “If I’m happy, I’m drinking, if I’m sad, I’m drinking. If it’s raining, I’m drinking, if it’s sunny I’m drinking. If it’s hot, I’m drinking, if it’s cold, I’m drinking”.

All of which leaves little to no time for not drinking. In the same Q&A, Psy also talked about his difficult childhood and ‘abusive father’, addiction to cigarettes, and the time he spent in a South Korean jail for marijuana possession, saying of the latter: “As an artist, the more experience, the better the creation. I’m a very positive person. So if shit happens, I think maybe this happens because a huge amount of happiness is coming to me”.