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Public to have no say in UK’s 2020 Eurovision contender

By | Published on Tuesday 17 September 2019

Eurovision Song Contest

Given that we all know what happens when you consult the British people about anything to do with Europe, the BBC has sensibly announced that it will no longer stage a public vote to decide what nonsense the UK sends to the Eurovision Song Contest each year.

Although, the public has been cut out of that decision before and songs chosen by BBC execs didn’t fare much better. Which is why the broadcaster has decided to bring a music industry partner into the decision making process from 2020. And what a mighty fine plan that is. Because, now that the pre-eminent team over there at BMG are on board, at least, we know for certain, the BBC will have someone else to blame when it all goes to shit.

“Our commitment to finding the right song has never been higher”, reckons BBC Controller of Entertainment Commissioning Kate Phillips, “and this collaboration with BMG, who have access to world class songwriters, is a genuinely exciting prospect and I am certain that together we can find the best song and artist possible for 2020”.

The partnership with BMG has been struck up by the BBC’s commercial wing BBC Studios, the Creative Director of which, Mel Balac, says: “The Eurovision Song Contest is a huge global event and our collaboration with BMG marks an important turning point for the UK at Eurovision. We very much hope this marks the start of an exciting new chapter”.

That new chapter presumably being titled ‘The Year When Music Making Powerhouse The United Kingdom Stopped Coming Last At The Eurovision Song Contest’.

Speaking for the BMGs, the music firm’s Alistair Norbury adds: “Eurovision is the biggest television showcase for music in the world and it’s an honour to be selected to help choose the UK’s entry at Rotterdam 2020. Eurovision plays to our strength as the only fully-integrated publishing company and record label. We can’t wait to get started working with the BBC to give it the best possible shot we can”.

The 2020 Eurovision Song Contest takes place in the Netherlands next May. By which time the queue at the post-Brexit UK border will probably be so long, the BMG selected UK entrant won’t get to the show on time. But at least then they can’t actually come last.