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Pusha T drops second McDonald’s diss track

By | Published on Wednesday 28 September 2022

Pusha T

Pusha T is continuing in his bid to dominate in the world of corporate diss tracks. Is that a world? It is now!

He’s recorded a second diss track for US fast food chain Arby’s, this time taking aim at the McDonald’s McRib sandwich, which, if this song is to be believed, is really shit. You’d be better off eating an Arby’s Real Country Style Rib Sandwich. Yeah, for some reason this track is pork rather than beef based.

Titled ‘Rib Roast’, Pusha proclaims on the track: “They call me when it’s time to do damage / When the quality ain’t up to my standards / That McRib falls below average / Replaced by the Country Style Arby’s Rib Sandwich”.

Strong words indeed. Later in the track he raps: “McDonald’s what you sellin, mystery meat? / Hop up and go away, what does history teach? / Micky D’s McRib, you ain’t it in the streets / The Real Country Style Rib Sandwich here to compete”.

Just to show he really means business, he concludes the track with the killer line: “This is a paid advertisement by Arby’s”. Oof, take that McDonald’s.

As hinted at, this is not Pusha T’s first corporate diss track. In fact, it’s not even his first for Arby’s.

Earlier this year he called out the McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish sandwich (again, no beef), telling the brand: “Filet-o-Fish is ass / And you should be disgusted / How dare you sell a square fish, asking us to trust it / A half slice of cheese, Mickey D’s on a budget? / Arby’s crispy fish is simply it / With lines round the corner / You might need as guest list / Exit stage left, the sandwiches taste fresh / A little cube of fish from a clown is basic”.

Pusha T’s beef (BEEF) with McDonald’s goes back further than the day that Arby’s threw a load of cash at him though. He’s miffed because he reckons that he wrote the McDonald’s ‘I’m Lovin It’ jingle back in 2003, which was then credited to Justin Timberlake and Pharrell Williams.

Speaking to Rolling Stone when his first Arby’s track was released in March, he said: “I am solely responsible for the ’I’m Lovin It’ swag and the jingle of that company. That’s just real. I am the reason. Now I gotta crush it”.

There is some dispute over Pusha T’s level of involvement in that jingle – some claiming that he wasn’t involved at all and that he just rapped on one of the adverts that was produced to launch it. But he’s holding firm, if only to help justify his alliance with Arby’s in this war against McDonalds.

If you want to join him in that war, there is a uniform for this new army. The rapper and Arby’s are selling a line of merch to allow fans to show which side they’re on. It all costs far more than it should. But can you really put a price on showing your allegiance to a fast food chain?

Anyway, you can listen to ‘Rib Roast’ by Pusha T here:

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