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Q editor successfully urges Florence And The Machine fans to not nick his content

By | Published on Thursday 4 July 2019

The editor of Q magazine yesterday put out a plea to Florence And The Machine fans to not plonk the cover feature from his latest issue – with Flo – onto their social profiles. Because, surely, those interested to know what she has to say could buy the fucking magazine?

“I politely implore the Florence And The Machine fanclubs to take down the Q Magazine cover story”, editor Ted Kessler wrote on Twitter, seemingly after finding his magazine’s lengthy Flo article already grabbed from the print mag and posted by fans online. He went on: “Posting it online the day it’s in the shops will put us out [of] business, halting this kind of twelve page feature on your favourite artist. Everyone deserves paying for their work”.

He then messaged one fan account directly which had posted the full article on its page. While also pointing out that them doing so was copyright infringement, he wrote: “This is our livelihood … We depend on people buying it so we can pay our writers and photographers – without that this article and photos wouldn’t exist. At least wait a month! Not the day it’s out. Flo wouldn’t approve”.

Said fan account quickly responded by removing the article and apologising, telling Kessler: “I’m really sorry it was posted and appreciate you alerting us to this in the way you did. It is an awesome interview, by the way. So, thank you for providing such high-quality content, as usual! Sorry again”.

The Q man seemed happy with the fan club’s speedy response, declaring “I love Florence And The Machine fans”. As do we all Ted! Though mainly the ones who will buy a fucking magazine from time to time.