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Radar announces new awards for emerging music video talent

By | Published on Monday 21 March 2016

Radar Music Videos

Music video commissioning community Radar – which brings together artists, labels and video directors – has announced the launch of a new awards event to take place in July celebrating emerging video directing talent, and emerging artists who are commissioning great video content.

Both directors and artists are currently being invited to put themselves forward for the awards, which will take place at the YouTube Space in London on 14 Jul. Various media partners will be supporting the event and the nominees selected, including your best mate CMU. Radar chief Caroline Bottomley says she’s “chuffed” about CMU’s involvement. She did say “THRILLED” to wind us up, but we insisted on a more original emotion.

“It’s very exciting to be launching these awards at YouTube”, Bottomley continued. “There’s so much creativity in music video, we want to amplify the best ones and welcome entries from directors, artists, bands, managers and labels from far and wide”.

For more info click here, and to put your work forward click here.