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Radar Music Videos launches sneaky US office

By | Published on Tuesday 27 October 2015

Radar Music Videos

Radar Music Videos has announced a new partnership with Sneak Attack Media, giving the video director and artist/label matching service a base in the US. New York City, to be precise.

The new North American office will aim to provide faster hook-ups for directors working with budgets of between $800 and $25,000. Label clients in the US include Universal Music, Ultra Music, Wind-Up Records, Tommy Boy Records, Nettwerk Records and Caroline International.

The news is “spiffing”, Radar boss Caroline Bottomley exclusively told CMU in a lengthy dialogue about the deal. She added in a press statement, which we’ll also include because we’re so nice: “Opening our US base is an exciting milestone for us. Both our US clients and US creative numbers are growing. Sneak Attack are the perfect partner, with a reputation for superb service and excellent results. It seems everyone we meet Stateside already knows and respects Marni and her company”.

Sneak Attack’s President, that there mentioned Marni Wandner, added: “We’re big fans of the service Radar provides and the work that comes out of their matchmaking between video creators and artists. We know firsthand how important it is for bands and musicians to have quality video content, so we’re excited to help make those connections happen in the US”.

Her one-word statement on the matter was “awesome”, which does just as well.