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Radar to launch new contract for independent music video makers

By | Published on Tuesday 9 June 2015

Radar Music Videos

Radar Music Videos will launch a new standard contract for independent music video makers today. Created in partnership with media law firm Wiggins, the document aims to provide a simple and fair agreement at minimal cost.

Announcing the document, Radar said: “We hope this contract will standardise protocols in the unregulated world of low-budget music video production. Users are taken through all the common requirements for production, like cashflow, re-edits, ownership and promotional use – and are able to customise the contract as appropriate for each particular project. The contract is unique, in that it is equally fair to both parties. It’s also written in plain English and downloadable”.

The contract will be made available to Radar members at a cost of £25 – or £35 for non-members. Full details of the document will be announced this evening at Music Vid Fest in the Roundhouse’s Studio Theatre in London.