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Radio 1 faulted for Foo Fighter ‘fucks’

By | Published on Tuesday 3 February 2015

Foo Fighters

Radio 1 has been told off by media regulator OfCom for playing a Foo Fighters track that contained not one but two swear words during Nick Grimshaw’s breakfast show back in November.

It was a live recording of the Foo’s track ‘Something From Nothing’, though it had originally been aired the previous night shortly after 8pm. Unfortunately, no one thought to tell Grimshaw’s team about the swears before they gave it a spin the next morning just before 8am.

OfCom noted that airing swear words at that time of day was very dangerous indeed because children might be listening. As it happens, at that precise time all the children of Britain were too busy consuming online porn to notice. But it was bloody close.

The regulator also acknowledged an apology had been quickly broadcast, but said Radio 1 was nevertheless in breach of its broadcasting code. The BBC said it was “highly unusual” that the offensive language had not been flagged when the live recording was made, and that staff at Radio 1 had been reminded about compliance procedures.