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Radio 2 rings in the hour change with some double Bob

By | Published on Monday 28 October 2013

Bob Harris

Listeners to Bob Harris’s Radio 2 show in the very early hours of Sunday morning got double the entertainment for 20 minutes at 1am, when two portions of the programme were aired at the same time.

It seems that the hour change may have been behind the slip up on the pre-recorded show, with two segments of the programme possibly set to air at 1am, meaning 1am British Summer Time and then 1am GMT. But play was presumably pressed on both bits at the first 1am.

While listeners quickly started to tweet their confusion at the double output, it took Radio 2 staff 20 minutes to spot the cock up. Listeners to the show then got a little bit of daytime Radio 2’s playlist – Abba and Olly Murs – from the station’s emergency tape while the error was rectified.

A spokesman for the station told reporters: “Last night between 1am and 2am there was a technical glitch which affected Bob Harris’s show. We are currently looking into the cause and apologise to listeners tuning in at that time”.

Meanwhile Harris said on Twitter: “I am so sorry about the technical problems on my show last night. I’m particularly disappointed that you weren’t able to hear Nick Capaldi. We will be re-broadcasting the Nick Capaldi session as soon as we can. So sorry that a technical fault had such a big impact on the show”.