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RAJAR Round Up: Grimmy finds some new listeners

By | Published on Thursday 6 August 2015


Brace yourself people, feet on the floor, arms by your side, put on a crash helmet, and please do review the safety procedure as outlined on the card in front of you, every edition of the CMU Daily is different.

Safety systems in place, let’s do this, the very latest RAJAR figures. Yes, the radio industry’s number dudes have just ejaculated another stack of stats so that stations everywhere can get busy twisting the numbers in order to say, “Hey, look how well we’re doing, we’re the future, the God darn future”.

Here are five developments of note…

1. After a disappointing RAJAR performance three months ago, Nicky Grimshaw has found himself another 350,000 listeners for his ‘Radio 1 Breakfast Show’. Perhaps they just were hiding in a box in quarter one. It helped Radio 1 increase its overall audience figures. At least until Chris Moyles appears on a quasi-national Xfm later this year, stealing some of the older ‘Radio 1 Breakfast Show’ listeners back.

2. Radio 2 also saw its numbers rise this quarter, helped by its breakfast show increasing its audience – after a slight slip last time – to 9.7 million listeners. A nice big group of people to whom host Chris Evans can now repeatedly plug his growing portfolio of other media ventures.

3. 6 Music, after a run of fine RAJAR results, saw its audience slip 0.4% quarter-on-quarter, though it’s still topping two million listeners overall. And if things continue to slip next quarter, the BBC could always threaten to shut the service down. That usually does wonders for 6 Music’s ratings.

4. Over in commercial radio land, Capital FM is the biggest in London just now with 2.2 million people tuning in, closely followed by Kiss on 2.1 million. LBC is also doing very well indeed in London, but that’s not a music station, so forget I mentioned it. We’ll have no talk round here thank you very much. Apart from the CMU Podcast. But that’s music talk.

5. For the first time, more than half of UK households have access to a DAB radio, say the stat monkeys, who should know. 6 Music is back on top as the most listened to digital-only station, Radio 4 repeats channel 4 Extra having had that accolade last quarter. So perhaps no need to threaten to shut down 6 after all. Maybe just threaten to shut down the entire DAB network instead? That would be fun.

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