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RAJAR Round Up: How Grim do you reckon?

By | Published on Thursday 29 October 2015


More radio listening figures, how the fuck is that possible? Yep, another three months have passed (nearly) since the last set of RAJAR stats were announced, and what did you achieve in that time, hey? Nothing, that’s what. Whereas that Nick Grimshaw, he got busy losing 70,000 listeners. Now that’s a work ethic we should all aspire to. Here are some other notable stats from this RAJAR batch.

1. Yes, the Radio 1 breakfast show with Nicky, the most Grim of the Shaws, saw its audience slip this quarter, despite the DJ’s much hyped arrival on ‘The X-Factor’, which some thought might result in a listener uplift for his radio show. Though his Radio 1 audience is still up on the start of the year, and Radio 1 boss Ben Cooper said he was happy Grimshaw was “the number one youth presenter” as a result of his station’s “strategy of listen, watch share”, which are definitely words.

2. While Grimmy may have seen 70,000 people tune out of his radio show, over on Radio 2 Chris Evans lost 270,000 listeners. Perhaps people are just sleeping in more these days.

3. Kiss is the biggest commercial station in London again, though mainly by losing its listeners less quickly than rival Capital FM. And the difference between the two London stations’ audiences in this RAJAR quarter – apparently just 3000 more people tuned into Kiss – could almost certainly be accounted for by margin of error. So I expect Kiss to now use the slogan “losing listeners slower than Capital, we’re Kiss, biggest in London by margin of error”.

4. Comedy repeats are bigger than innovative music programming again when it comes to digital listening. Radio 4 Extra saw a 12.65% rise in listeners, putting it ahead of 6 Music on the digital channels, despite the latter station also reporting a record audience size.

5. Do you know what, why are you reading this nonsense, when the dudes at RAJAR have used their graphic design skills to turn their headline stats for quarter three into this infographic. It’s 2015, we all know people don’t digest figures anymore unless they are in a blob and surrounded by clip art. So knock yourself out.