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RAJAR Round Up: Radio X does well, 6 Music does better

By | Published on Thursday 4 February 2016


How can it be time for another round of RAJAR radio listening figures already? Well it is, and here are some top line observations.

1. Yeah, fuck off Radio 4, with your 4 Extra service, pretending to be the biggest digital-only station in the UK, with its vibrant mix of comedy and drama from the archives. But you can’t beat good old 6 Music, can you? No, it’s just scored a record 2.2 million listeners putting it back on top of the tree. The digital radio tree, I mean. And what a fine tree that is.

2. “But fuck 6 Music, what about Radio X?!” you all ask. Which I’m not sure is an appropriate way to join this conversation. But as you asked, it scored a RAJAR of 1.2 million listeners, which is a 30% increase year-on-year compared to poor old Xfm, which it replaced, of course. Though it is now national on DAB, which Xfm was not. So, let’s assume that’s behind the increase, just to keep Chris Moyles’ ego under control.

3. To be fair, Moyles has increased the Radio X breakfast show audience too, though fuck that, he’s still nowhere near as big as the fucking Capital FM breakfast show, which remains the biggest in London. In terms of commercial radio breakfast slots in the capital, it goes Capital, Magic, Kiss, Heart and then LBC.

4. “But fuck biggest in London, I want fucking biggest in Britain”, says The Queen. Well, ma’am, that’ll be Radio 2, which continues to dominate UK-wide, with its weekly reach up on the previous quarter to 15.47 million.

5. “But fuck all this good news, give me some bad news”, demands CMU Editor Andy Malt. Well Andy, the overall reach of BBC radio at large was down this quarter, from 35.10 million to 34.95 million. Which might not sound like much, because it’s not much, and the RAJARs aren’t especially accurate so that probably means nothing, but I can spin it into a “it’s the end of radio, everyone’s using YouTube now” story if you like.

Anyway, fuck this CMU RAJAR Round Up, go read what radio expert Matt Deegan has to say about Moyles and Radio X.

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