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Ralph Lauren celebrates OneRepublic partnership at Sundance

By | Published on Monday 24 January 2011

Ralph Lauren threw an interactive, tweeted-up party for American pop rock types and sometime Timbaland collaborators OneRepublic at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend as part of an ongoing brand partnership between the fashion firm and the band, which kicked off with the latter soundtracking an ad for the former last summer.

A short film created by photographer Bruce Weber and featuring music from OneRepublic was shown at the bash, on day two of the Utah film fest, while the band also played a gig.

They also found time to tell the Wall Street Journal how genuine their partnership with the Ralph Lauren enterprise is, with frontman Ryan Tedder explaining: “Our collaboration wasn’t disingenuous. We weren’t hawking toasters. We came by it honestly. I’ve been wearing Ralph Lauren since I was a kid”.

So that’s that sorted. Though still not entirely sure what a fashion-brand-advertising promo soundtracked by an Interscope-signed rock band has to do with an art house film festival.