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Rebecca Black has delayed bad reaction to Friday

By | Published on Thursday 5 December 2013

Rebecca Black

A marginally older and… well just older Rebecca Black has filmed one of those ‘reaction’ clips people do, as she looks back on her 2011 smash hit ‘Friday’.

Because it was Black Friday the other day, and her name happens to be Rebecca Black and, as she says, “you can guess the other part”.

“This [watching her infamous video back today] could either be the best decision of my life, or the worst”, adds Black, who happens to have pink eye in the clip. *Cringe*, etc.

And… I’m spent. See Rebecca reacting to her past self in what I like to think of as a kind of post-ironic pop paradox – that or a girl squealing lots – below. Also, see if you can spot any of the subtle video edits: