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Rebecca Ferguson settles with Modest!

By | Published on Monday 8 July 2013

Rebecca Ferguson

Bad news for anyone hoping to see an ‘X-Factor’ management contract dissected in court, Rebecca Ferguson has settled with Modest! Management.

As previously reported, 2010 ‘X’ runner-up Ferguson and Modest! – the management firm that used to have the first right of refusal to manage the careers of ‘X-UK’ finalists – fell out last year, with the singer calling the Modest! team “vile”. She also tweeted: “Be nice to have a nice new responsible caring management team! Who care for me and my children’s wellbeing. See you in court!”

But it was actually Modest! that sued Ferguson, after she pulled out of her contract with the company. In September last year the firm filed legal papers seeking damages and a cut of Ferguson’s future earnings to the end of the five year term of the singer’s original agreement with the company. And while disputes of this kind are usually settled out of court, for a time neither side seemed especially keen to budge.

But some budging must have occurred, because it has been announced that both sides have now “settled their outstanding legal disputes”. Terms of the deal will remain secret, though both parties issued short statements complimenting the other, possibly through gritted teeth, it’s hard to know with written remarks.

Modest! noted that “Rebecca is a great artist and we wish her all the best for the future”, while Ferguson said: “I would like to thank Modest! for the contribution they have made to my career over the past years. They have done a great job”. Even if they are a bit vile, presumably.

Ferguson is currently finishing off her second album, while Team Modest! are presumably trying their best to work out what the hell to do with all that One Direction commission.