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Rebecca Ferguson calls for music industry regulator

By | Published on Monday 18 June 2018

Singer Rebecca Ferguson has launched a petition calling on the UK government to set up a regulatory body for the music industry, in order to protect artists from being taken advantage of early in their careers.

“The music industry is not regulated; therefore abuses of power are being allowed to happen”, she explains. “Music artists are entering into contracts under duress and without the aid of sound independent legal advice. There is no protection for young artists entering the industry, some having had no prior knowledge”.

“A regulatory body would enforce policies that protect artists and introduce a disciplinary procedure for those who do not adhere to the policies set out”, she goes on. “I recognise we have unions etc, but none of [them] have the powers to enforce and therefore protect artists”.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, she added: “I know two young artists who attempted suicide at the hands of these [music industry] people. So, you know, it’s all fun and games for people to say ‘well, you’re rich enough, and it’s showbiz’. I think, no, not actually”.

She went on: “We’re human beings and we want to be in this industry to perform and give our God-given talent. We are not here to be slaves, to be abused, to be misused, to be targeted. We’re here to give our gift and share it with you, the world. And the least you can do for taking our gift and enjoying it, is giving us a regulatory body that looks after us”.

“If Parliament don’t hear it, I’ll take it to the EU”, she says. “If the EU don’t hear it, I’ll take it to the UN. I think it’s going to take a lot of partnership with people like the FAC, politicians and other much bigger artists. But I think if I push and I’m determined, if it takes me ten years, I do think that I can get a regulatory body in the music industry and I actually think that’s it’ll make artists a lot happier, it’ll make it a much safer environment, and it’ll get rid of the old fat cats, who’ve frankly had their day”.

The petition currently has nearly 17,000 signatures, with a goal of 100,000.