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Record industry groups welcome ongoing anti-piracy work by Brazilian authorities

By | Published on Thursday 16 March 2023


Record industry trade groups have welcomed recent achievements as part of the ongoing Operation 404 anti-piracy campaign being run by government agencies in Brazil.

That includes getting stream-ripping apps removed from app stores, shutting down a “major web ring” involved in 72 music piracy domains, and tackling groups involved in leaking new music ahead of its official release.

A new round up of Operation 404 activity says that, since being launched, the anti-piracy campaign has resulted in the “suspension of nearly 1000 domains, removal of 720 infringing music apps and delivery of 96 search warrants”.

Brazil’s Ministry Of Justice And Public Security also continues to collaborate with counterparts elsewhere in the world, including the City Of London Police’s IP Crime Unit in the UK and the Peruvian Copyright Office, INDECOPI.

The latter collaboration, the new update says, has resulted in the shutdown of “a major web ring which had more than 72 domains dedicated to music piracy, including MP3 download and stream-ripping sites”.

Meanwhile, recent work back in Brazil has seen “the removal of 63 additional stream-ripping mobile apps from Brazilian app stores and initiated actions against a major group responsible for pre-release infringements”.

All this ongoing work has been welcomed by the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry, where Director Of Global Content Protection And Enforcement, Melissa Morgia, says: “As a result of the coordinated work of the Brazilian authorities, together with the relevant agencies, Operation 404 continues to make important progress by disrupting unlicensed music services on a large scale”.

“We thank and commend all the authorities and agencies involved in carrying out these actions”, she adds, “for their ongoing collaboration and support in protecting music creators’ content”.

Meanwhile, at Brazilian record industry trade group Pro-Música Brasil, Director Paulo Rosa says: “Operation 404 has established itself, with its many waves throughout the last five years, including this last one, as a key element in enforcing music creators’ rights and protecting such rights from criminal organisations that are operating in the online environment. I join IFPI in thanking all authorities and agencies involved”.