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Reeperbahn to look at what looming clouds mean for music

By | Published on Friday 17 September 2010

This time next week Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival will be well and truly underway. As well as a stack of bands and other artistic shenanigans, the Campus part of the proceedings will see industry types from across Europe and beyond discussing the state of the music business and the future of the sector.

Among the panels on day one of the conference, next Thursday, will be one called ‘Big Clouds – No Smoke?’, looking at the recent growth of streaming and so called ‘cloud-based’ music services over the more established iTunes-style download stores, and just where exactly this part of the market is heading.

The panel will be led by MusicAlly’s Steve Mayall, who told CMU: “It seems at the moment that every new music service, computing platform, and pretty much all new devices, are described as being ‘cloudy’ in some way. This session will get under the skin of what that actually means – particularly when it comes to music. What will these services look like? How will it change the way people consume music? And will it change the way artists get paid? There are still a lot of unanswered legal questions around locker services too – which are all part of the cloud debate. It’ll be interesting…”

The Reeperbahn Festival runs from 23-25 Sep in Hamburg, with ‘Big Clouds – No Smoke’ taking place on 23 Sep at 5.15pm. More info at