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Reid says not being at IDJ is hard

By | Published on Tuesday 12 April 2011

LA Reid

Former Island Def Jam exec and now full time ‘X-Factor USA’ judge LA Reid has admitted it’s hard not being on the inside of a major record company anymore.

Talking to MTV he said: “I loved the artist roster that we created at Island Def Jam and I love the company and yes, it was difficult. It still is difficult. This morning I heard about a remix that Rihanna did with Britney Spears [for ‘S&M’] and I was like, ‘It’s the first time some music has been done that I wasn’t involved with and I don’t know if I like that or not.’ I don’t know”.

He added, somewhat tongue in cheek: “I don’t like anybody tampering with my Rihanna. Doesn’t matter [what the song sounds like]! I didn’t do it. No, I think it’ll be great, but it was very difficult to leave. It wasn’t difficult to decide to do ‘X Factor’, it was difficult to walk away from this amazing roster and amazing staff of people and all the executives that were there that was tough”.

Of course gossipers reckon Reid really stood down because of upcoming changes at Island Def Jam parent company Universal Music, and also that he’ll likely join former boss Doug Morris over at ‘X-Factor’ owning Sony Music anyway, so shouldn’t be out of an A&R role for too long.