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Release Round-Up: King Creosote, Braid, Kitty, Flying Lotus and Trim

By | Published on Friday 9 May 2014


Rounding up the latest release news…

Today’s ‘politically and socially topical pop goings-on’ is that King Creosote, aka Kenny Creosote, will on 21 Jul release ‘From Scotland With Love’, his original, eleven song score to a film of the same name. A ‘visual narrative’ comprised by filmmaker Virginia Heath from archival clips, it lights on themes like “love and loss, war, resistance, emigration and work and play”, and will coincide with Scotland’s hosting the 2014 Commonwealth Games. And I guess it’s pretty timely given the imminent vote on Scottish independence too.

King Creosote and his band will also accompany a screening of the film at the Barbican in London on 27 Sep. This is its trailer:

Illinois emo kids Braid are back, y’all, and will release ‘No Coast’, their first LP in sixteen years, on 7 Jul. Head over to hear lead track ‘Bang’, which kind of sounds like it’s been frozen in time since the mid-1990s, at the scene of its premiere, NPR.

Kitty (pictured), aka ‘post-internet’ rap girl Kitty Pryde, has released a new track titled ‘☆:*・°☆:* emob0unce °☆.*・°☆’ (with emojis) – or ’emob0unce’ (if emoji-free). It’s the first inkling of Kitty’s new five-bit EP, ‘Impatiens’, which arrives digitally next week.

Stream ’emob0unce’ after a quick-ish ‘Impatiens’ intro from Kitty, who writes (sans caps): “Impatiens are flowers that bloom in summer, and when the first frost comes they shrivel into nothing until the summer comes again. even though their lives are short, they can grow to be seven feet tall. there are hundreds of species, all of them bitter and toxic and beautiful in bloom. these are the impatiens that grew in me last summer and i can’t believe i felt any of this dumb shit and i REALLY can’t believe i bothered writing all of them down (i was bitter and im still toxic). but they were beautiful in bloom, so once they shriveled into nothing i turned them into 5 silly songs 4 u”.

Bass soundboardist Flying Lotus is still stuck on his last LP, 2012’s ‘Until The Quiet Comes’, and has come out with a panoramic promo for one of its songs, the Laura Darlington-featuring ‘Phantasm’. It’s a breathtaking clip, and extraterrestrial as it is, it was in fact shot in New Zealand by director Markus Hofko. Eyeball it here:

Now for a parting shot from London grime MC Trim, real name Javan St Prix, who’s given a glimpse into his long, long-anticipated first solo LP ‘Crisis’ via new single ‘Vending Machine’.

Check its video here: