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Release round-up: Lana Del Rey, Let’s Wrestle, Dena and Pariah

By | Published on Friday 6 December 2013

Let's Wrestle

Rounding up the latest release news…

Hey, let’s have a light smattering of appreciative clapping and sarcastic pictorial gags, because Lana Del Rey has released her biblical short film thing, ‘Tropico’. Oh, and she’s also confirmed the title of her new LP! Which is: ‘Ultraviolence’. Possibly a closeted (not) nod to ‘A Clockwork Orange’.

Experience the real horrorshow ‘Tropico’, which is also the name of an EP featuring three recycled ‘Born To Die: The Paradise Edition’ tracks that Lana released digitally yesterday, here, o my brothers:

In less overwrought news, third-timers Let’s Wrestle (pictured) will on 10 Feb 2014 enter a new era in their career by releasing an eponymous LP, apparently by far the band’s most “heartfelt and diverse” yet. Its first single, ‘Codeine And Marshmallows’ (quite a combination), likens trendy London environ Stoke Newington to the Old West, like this:

Having been a presence on Berlin’s alternative pop scene for a while now, Denitza Todorova, aka Dena, is at last soon to release her first solo LP. Its name is ‘Flash’, and it’s released on 3 Mar 2014, which is basically all you need to know for now. To stem the wait, this here is key track ‘Bad Timing’:

Finally, new-ish-ly approved faces Real Lies have had their recent single ‘World Peace’ remixed in an extended kind of way by beat-maker Pariah, in what’s his first – and, given time constraints, possibly last – solo release (ie not as one half of Karenn) of the year. Hear the mix here:

Also as a sidebar to that, Real Lies were on BBC Radio 1 the other night, and did a live version of a new track titled ‘North Circular’. Listen to them in session with Huw Stephens here.