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Release Round-Up: Mastodon, Angel Haze, Eaux, Godflesh and The Ting Tings

By | Published on Wednesday 4 June 2014


Rounding up the latest release news…

So your mom’s most favourite heavy metal band Mastodon have dropped another track from ‘One More Around The Sun’, which is the title of the LP they’re releasing in three weeks’ time. The song, which follows ‘High Road’, is named ‘Chimes At Midnight’, and comes as an “audio visualiser”, which means the stream is backed by a strip of ‘illo’ by Mastodon’s go-to artist Skinner. Listen to (and look at) ‘Chimes Of Midnight’ now:

Next, rap lady Angel Haze has written a light-hearted (ie lighter than her quite formidable first LP ‘Dirty Gold’) party hit to match light-hearted party film ’22 Jump Street’, the OST of which it features on. As do tracks by Diplo, Wiz Khalifa, Duck Sauce and Travis Barker. Except Angel’s is different because it’s written especially to be the ‘theme song’ of the movie, so there.

Haze says of the jumped-up track, which has Ludacris shouting a bit on it, that: “The theme song was so rad to make. In the studio the energy of the movie fuelled us to really create something special that matches the energy on screen”.

Ah, that’s sweet. Rad, even. Check the extent of its rad-ness ahead of the big physical release next week, here:

Equally as rad as my girl Angel are Eaux (pictured), who’ve sipped from a mix of trip hop and oblique sci-fi synthpop on their new LP, ‘Plastics’. Officially released on Monday (9 Jun), which is also the date of a live launch party at Birthdays in London, it’s available to play now as a whole on Spotify, or alternatively in part via one of its tracks, the just-out ‘The Light Falls Through Itself’, which is up on SoundCloud:

And now, just to muddy the round-up waters a touch, it’s industrial hacks Godflesh, aka Justin K Broadrick and GC Green, who earlier this month came back with ‘Ringer’, their first new track since 2001. The EP from which it came, ‘Decline And Fall’, is on Bandcamp now to listen in on or, for a small price, download.

Oh and Godflesh play live tonight (and in fact tomorrow) at Heaven in London, so that’s a thing to think about whilst you blast out all of ‘Decline And Fall’ right now:

And finally, the damn Ting Tings have released a new track, in so doing laying the way for their TBA third LP. Some are saying it’s not half bad, and some are saying it’s not half good. I’m saying I can stand it, and its brazen ‘disco renaissance’-piggybacking ways.

Either way, its lyrical premise is, say TTT: “About feeling like you don’t fit in, finding someone you can leave with, finding someone like you, finding someone who likes you – even if you can’t dance like the rest. It’s a dark take on a good time. Finding your place on the dance floor, or shunning the stereotypes around you because they can’t see your vision regardless how wrong or right”.

The new song’s name, by the way, is ‘Wrong Club’ (since it’s inspired by going on a bad night out and listening to “shit” songs). I’m not saying anything.