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Release Round-Up: The Black Keys, Ed Sheeran, Peace, Elliphant and Diarrhea Planet

By | Published on Monday 24 March 2014


Rounding up the latest release news…

The Black Keys are slated to release a new single today, titled ‘Fever’. It’s kind a big deal, seeing that the band haven’t released anything ‘new’ since their 2011 LP ‘El Camino’, and also because The Black Keys generally are a big deal. Revolt, who heard the track last Friday, think it’s “amazing”. But what do you think? I suppose you’ll have to wait to find out, since it isn’t actually online at the moment. Sorry.

In semi-exciting Ed Sheeran news, the Brit singer last week tweeted a mystery date, “7/4/14”, on which it seems likely he’ll either release a track, and/or details of a track, and/or the LP he’s been working on with Rudimental and, apparently, Pharrell. Ed, of course, announced an autumn tour of the UK that’s due to start in October, so that may give some idea as to when he’ll release whatever ‘thing’ he plans to release. Or it might not. Who knows? So the basic gist of this is; if you like Ed Sheeran, stay locked in to his Twitter account on Monday 7 Apr for some kind of pay-off. Alternatively, if you don’t like him, stay away.

Now, why not give Peace (pictured) a chance? The Birmingham band, that is, not the ideal. Leave the latter be. Anyway, so Peace have given fans a shot of their new single ‘World Pleasure’, the first window into their forthcoming LP, the TBA follow-on to 2013’s ‘In Love’. A fairly daring switch in style for Peace, the track features a “big grooving” bassline, ‘rapping’ of a kind by lead singer Harry Koisser, and a (not-at-all-bombastic) brass and strings outro that’d make the Stone Roses spin in their graves, were they not still alive. And here it is!

Next, it’s inexplicable Swedish reggaetrix Elliphant and her equally tricky-to-explain new single ‘Revolusion’, the similarly mind-boggling video for which premiered recently. It’s crazy in the best way, as you can see in a bit. And PS, the track is available as a free download at this link, if you want it.

And finally, it’s over to your granny’s favourite American rock deadbeats, Diarrhea Planet, and their new ‘Babyhead’ video. Backing a track that features on DP’s latest LP, ‘I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams’, the ‘Babyhead’ clip features the band’s heads photoshopped onto the bodies of various babies, animals and such, in a ‘You’ve Been Framed’-style home movie reel. And the song’s quite catchy, and all.