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Rhapsody claims two million paying users

By | Published on Wednesday 30 July 2014


Rhapsody International, the digital music company that operates both the Rhapsody and Napster streaming services, and the recently launched Rhapsody unRadio venture too, announced yesterday that it now has two million paying subscribers.

Which is an interesting boast for what is one of the longest established subscription-based digital music operators in the market (Rhapsody being early to market in the US, as was the legit Napster in the UK), in that it’s a hell of a long way behind the ten million paying users boasted by the relative upstart that is Spotify.

But whatever, Team Rhapsody seem pleased with their two million achievement, up from one million paying users in 2011. As with most streaming services, mobile network alliances have helped. Rhapsody unRadio in the US is a partnership with T-Mobile, and a similar set-up will launch under the Napster brand in France via an alliance with tel co SFR.

Commenting on that, the firm’s SVP for Europe, Thorsten Schliesche, told CMU: “We are very satisfied with the development of Napster in France and with Napster Découverte’s successful co-operation with SFR. France is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe. The success of our service proves that customers are eager for a blend of on-demand and radio music”.