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Rhapsody/Napster confirms three million paying users

By | Published on Thursday 23 July 2015


Hey you, don’t be getting all distracted by the Spotifys and the Beatports and all that jazz, it’s time to give some brain space to Napsody, which confirmed yesterday that it now has three million paying subscribers worldwide.

Which, as we noted the last time the Rhapsody/Napster company had a stats brag – announcing 2.5 million users back in February – isn’t so impressive on one level, given Spotify’s 20 million premium subscribers, and the fact that both the Rhapsody brand (in the US) and the legit Napster service (worldwide) have both been in the digital music marketplace for a long time. But then three million paying subscribers does still put Napsody in the top five premium streaming services, and as the company itself was keen to point out, that’s a 50% increase on a year ago.

Other nuggets of trivia shared by Napsody yesterday included that mobile users are up actually 60% on last year, and in the UK 72% also tune in via Sonos. Also, emerging markets have played a key role in the service’s recent growth, with Colombia and Brazil the fastest growing, even though Germany and France have the largest number of Napster users. So, now you know.