RIAA not going after LimeWire for more money

By | Published on Friday 25 May 2012


You can accuse the Recording Industry Association Of America of many things – and we routinely do – but one thing they have not done is reneged on an out of court settlement with the defunct file-sharing network LimeWire and demanded an extra $72 trillion in damages.

For slightly mysterious reasons, a year old story from started doing the rounds of the social networks earlier this week. The report, from early 2011, focused on how the US record industry, having won in court against LimeWire after a very long copyright infringement legal battle, was rumoured to be preparing a damages claim of $72 trillion. Whether or not there was ever any truth in the story, the RIAA settled with Team Lime more or less exactly one year ago for a much more modest $105 million.

But, presumably noticing a new round of RIAA-bashing going on on the social networks, the NME mistakenly reported on the $72 trillion rumours as if they were new, and, according to Billboard, the story was then picked up by at least five other news sites, none of which noticed the March 2011 date stamp at the top of the original Computer World story.

Rest assured, you can file these new reports with the “majors will stop releasing CDs next spring” story that circulated late last year, and was also picked up by the NME, and which was also bollocks.