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Riz MC announces interactive live show

By | Published on Friday 7 May 2010

Riz MC has announced that he will perform a pretty amazing sounding interactive live show at Fabric in London next month. Called ‘MICroscope’, it will feature music from the rapper’s upcoming debut album of the same name, but will also have a themed storyline which will see actors playing various part, and also see the audience become part of the performance.

At the live show and online, fans will be drawn into “a world of secret agencies, experiments, sound wars, and mind control in a battle of bass and beats. A secret corporate/government programme of Sonic Immersion for Cerebral Kinesis (SICK) hunts R12MC (Resistance AGENT 12 – music & control) who leads the MICroscope sonic resistance and are fighting back with their own sonic immersions”.

An actor himself, Riz has starred in Charlie Brooker’s zombie drama ‘Dead Set’, as well as films such as Michael Winterbottom’s ‘Road To Guantanamo’ and Chris Morris’ ‘Four Lions’, which is out today and completely brilliant, by the way.

Tickets for the ‘MICroscope’ show at Fabric go on sale on Monday, and you can also catch it at this year’s Latitude festival. The ‘MICroscope’ album is due for release on 13 Sep, with a new single, ‘Hundreds & Thousands’ on 14 Jun.